Katie Carrell

Katie Carrell


Ohana Investment Group

600 S Main Street Suite 300B Rhome, Texas 76078

Katie has been in Real Estate since 2018 when she and her husband became real estate investors. In the beginning, her focus was on the renovation of her flips and rentals where she not only made most of the interior and exterior design decisions, but also got involved in the work too. She welds, paints, does demolition work, landscape, can run power tools, and anything else needed to get the job done right. 

Today she is one of the premier agents at The Ohana Investment Group and has transitioned away from project management. She uses her skills with previous rehabs all the time when she walks properties with her clients, advising on necessary repairs and what's a big deal vs what is not.

Most of all Katie enjoys helping others and makes it her personal mission to give her clients everything they need and deserve. She is a fighter, and will fight to give her clients all they want when it comes to buying or selling.

When she isn't doing real estate she's usually giving back someway. Katie serves on the board of directors for a non-profit organization called Fort Worth Abroad. This non-profit gives scholarships to local students to study overseas, to which they bring back their experiences and use it to contribute here on their next endeavors.

In her personal time when she isn't being a wonderful mother to her and Thomas's 2 kids you can usually find her reading. She is a big reader and prefers to read outdoors in cool weather with a warm cup of coffee.