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Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

Investment Properties

Expert Guidance

Well executed real estate acquisitions are the best-proven way to short the dollar. This is the main reason we fell in love with real estate. We believe it is the strongest path to wealth and passive income. We would love to partner with you on an acquisition or find the right investment to fit your needs. We find discounted properties in great rental areas that provide the highest returns on investment. We also enjoy educating new clients and help get them on their own path to building lastiing wealth.

Buying a House


Your Forever Home Awaits

Our team knows that buying the right home can be the most important decision for you and your ohana. We have a team ready to educate you on the home buying process and get you ready to make that first purchase. Renting only makes the landlord richer. Let's talk about getting you into a home today or upgrading to a new one! If you have to pay for credit repair, we will even reimburse a portion of our commission from the seller back to you at closing. We truly care about helping you get started today!

Apartment Views

Apartment/ Rent House Locator Services

A Path Home

We understand that in today's world some people do not wish to buy a home or they just need a place to stay short term. We have experience locating the right rental to meet your needs. Whether that be a luxury apartment with incredible amenities or a home with a backyard for your kids to play in.


Unlike The Rest

No 3% listing fees here. The market is changing and we are changing with it. Reach out today to see how our 1% listing program can benefit you and your ohana. We can find your next home after or during the sale of the property and can manage any repairs you decide to make prior to listing. We could even help you roll your surplus capital into more money too!

Construction and Rehab Management

A Comprehensive Approach

Sometimes you might want to renovate your property prior to listing or right after you purchase, allow us to manage your renovation and deal with the headaches so you don't have to! We have a team of contractors that share our core values and are ready to treat your home or investment property like it is their own.

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